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Nevertheless, SHE persisted

We make it no secret that Monica Zanetti Designs is firmly a proud supporter of all things #resistance and Women's rights. Monica has featured her female heroes already on a couple shirts. Namely, her now famous "Chingona" aka Rosie the Riveter and the recent addition - Frida!

However, we feel a need to bolster our Feminist line. Senator Warren gave us our inspiration for some new designs that we're quickly working on finishing up. Jeremy has a couple ideas which he's shared below. I should note that living with Monica (this is Jeremy speaking) is such an inspiration. Plus, I love to create my own artwork, just on a more digital level. If you think these designs are worthy of your fashion line up please comment or give us a shout! Jeremy is dying to make them!

Folks, it is critical that we fight for whatever we believe in. These days can be stressful but if we look to each other for support and love I think we'll be okay. Monica is always on the hunt to collaborate to help give back and move us forward as a community and again, if you have any ideas please give us a shout!

#shepersisted #LetLizSpeak - we are living history folks!

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