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New Year...New Goals...New Designs

Happy New Year! Like us I'm sure you're busy working on planning for the new year. Maybe you're hitting the gym, trying to eat right, or maybe just trying to avoid cabin fever after hiding from the bitter cold these last couple weeks?

Monica Zanetti Designs is poised to have another big year as we are planning to create more designs, attend more shows, and most importantly focus more on giving back to our community. If you haven't notice, things are a little cray cray these days, so it's critical (in our mind) that we focus on our oasis of a city...CHICAGO! I know it's cold now and we're in for a few more months of coats and boots, but Spring will be here soon and we'll all be showing off our white legs (Jeremy will at least) and enjoying a drink or two!

I can't leave this post without sharing a few pictures of our newest items that just arrived...HOW CUTE are these little shirts...33 days to pitchers and catchers!

Oh and I can't forget to mention - FRIDA is back in stock and looking better than ever!

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