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About Me

Mother, Artist, Philanthropist, Mompreneur, and Consultant are just a few of the titles Monica wears with pride.  Her passion for life and for loving those around her is what makes Monica an inspiration to all who know her.  Jeremy Reed

It’s easy to get to know Monica through her artwork.  She is as colorful a person as the paint as she uses in her paintings.  She is passionate about her family, friends, and an activist for education and womens rights!


With deep roots in California and Mexico, Monica carries with her inspiration from Mexico's Cobble Stone Towns to Chicago’s North Side.  Monica paints what she sees and feels.  If you get a close look at any piece you’ll notice the many layers that make each piece.  Many of her works have multiple media that dance in harmony to tell a story.


As an artist, Monica has had her work adorn walls from San Francisco’s City Hall to local spots such as Orange Chicago, Denim Lounge and Wishbone North.  You can find her artwork and merchandise at Sacred Art in Lincoln Square, Andersonville Galleria and The National Museum of Mexican Art! She’s boasted many solo shows and has even begun a popular commission offering of pet portraits. 


With this said, Monica is much more than an artist. What gets her going the most is giving back.


She loves to help young people find their passion and is always volunteering at her children’s elementary school in North Chicago.  Monica’s a fierce champion for women’s rights and her new line of T-shirts does all the talking.  "The Chingona” for example, is a “Rosie the Riveter” inspired piece that tells the tale of the modern woman’s strength.  


Monica loves people and is commonly called a “social butterfly” by her husband.  She loves to focus events around her art showings and always puts on a good show.  


Monica is a fun loving mother of three.  She’s a California girl that moved to Chicago five years ago and loves the tight knit neighborhood feel North Chicago has provided.


Be on the lookout for more locations to hold Monica’s artwork and shirts because she is ready to share her vision with anyone wanting to join her!  

 About Jeremy Reed 

Jeremy makes up the other half of "Chingona & Gringo" and husband to the wildly talented Monica Zanetti.  While Jeremy has brought home the bacon via corporate America for most of his life, the father of two is a passionate artist in his own right.  An active blogger for, Jeremy's work has been published in print and on several other website such as and obviously now here on  


Jeremy brings an always-silly approach to the day's topics but can be counted on as a staunch supporter of equal rights.  After being born in the Chicago area, Jeremy was moved to Oregon by his parents.  He grew up in the tree filled state and lived there until moving to California in late 2001.  Upon his arrival in California, he quickly met Monica and well the rest is history.  Two children later and as fate would have it, a job opportunity brought their family to Chicago.  Living in North Chicago has given his tribe a great way to experience friends and family while exploring their passions.  


Jeremy and Monica are extremely excited about their budding wearable art business and hope to create a go to website for inspiration, motivation, and entertainment.  If you meet Jeremy you'll know that entertaining is in his blood so sit back, relax and enjoy the show!  

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