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How many bad shirts do you have?

Work in Corporate America?

Buy a clever shirt from an online store?

Get a shirt from an event or conference?

If you answered yes to any of these then I'm sure you have a crummy shirt. A shirt that is ten miles wide and barely long enough to cover your belly button. Sad but true. I mean, these shirts may look great at first. They may even fit at first. But, all that changes when they are washed for the first time. After the wash you'll get a oddly shaped nightmare that will only sit in a drawer or closet until it's given away.

Jeremy has dozens of these kinds of shirts. No lie. He's a bit of a packrat. Many of these shirts still even look good, but he won't wear them because they don't fit properly at all. Too short, too wide, and way too bulky at the top. So basically, they are useless. A fancy rag maybe?

This is the reason Monica Zanetti Designs (MZD) is strict about the shirts we use. First, the shirts MUST feel great. When folks tell us they love their MZD shirts and how "buttery" they are, our hearts sing! We want to be sure that all our shirts are "butter" long after the first washing or even their tenth. Which leads us to our second point, we only use quality shirts that won't just fall apart or shrink to odd sizes after washing or wear. We want you to wear the shirts and wear them frequently too.

Please stop the bad shirt train and jump onto the Monica Zanetti Designs line! Your body will thank you! If you already have one, how about one for a friend? They make great gifts!

We appreciate every sale, so we thank you in advance for your purchase! Talk to you soon!

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