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Not your Average Shirt...By Design

Okay...want a fun history lesson?

When we started to talk about doing wearable art as an extension for Monica's business we knew things MUST be done with the utmost quality. So that's what we did. But first we needed to understand what it would take to pull Monica's colorful, unique, and deeply personal artwork and place it on something people could wear. So we did what everyone does these days. We hit the interwebs. And, wouldn't you know it? Turns out, Chicago has some excellent resources right very close to our home office! In all honesty, it is not so shocking but it was nice to have resources here at home!

After poking around we were able to hook up with a local company that was able to assist us in producing an actual product. But that meant it was time to select a proper vehicle to print them upon. Jeremy, having worked in Corporate USA for years, has dozens of shirts from events. Most of them, sadly are pretty crappy shirts. They shrunk oddly and didn't feel very good after the very first washing. With that in mind, we found specific brands and styles that not only looked good but felt like butter! And felt great even after the several washings!

So like a good puzzle, we were ready to jump into the clothing industry. One catch. We had to find a way to transfer her paintings to a format usable to print the shirts. This gave Jeremy the opportunity to join the effort directly. He learned how to not only scan the images, but touch them up, and even make them a little better (shhhhhh don't tell Monica I said that).

Fast forward to today and we boast multiple styles, colors, and designs! We have sold them on the street, in parks, in boutiques, and over the internets! We've shipped to locations around the world and love, love, love it when people post pictures of themselves wearing clothing that all started in Monica's creative soul. Things are still growing all the time and we can't wait to see what's next!

We'd like to wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season!

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