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Our Modern Feminist Movement

Melinda Gates recently said what many of us know to be true,

“It’s time for a new era of women”

There have been moments in time when a generation of woman have stood up and demanded change. I know this to be true for us today. From the March to #MeToo it cannot be denied how powerful we become when standing together.

I was recently reminded by a dear friend, how powerful images are when contemplating a fight. A generation of women stepped up, we called them “Rosies.” Before then, the Suffragettes before them fought for our voices and votes to be heard. These women and more like them have inspired my feminist work. Work I want to share with everyone needing some visual inspiration to stand up and fight!

In the new year I want to join with you and other women (and of course the supportive men in our lives) to stand together and demand change. We each have the power to make that happen – so my question for you. Who’s with me?

Our time is now and together we can move mountains!





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