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So much little time

I'm not sure about you but there seems to be a mountain of inspiration these days. Granted they are the direct result of a historical attack on all things we hold dear at Monica Zanetti Designs. Monica is first generation Mexican American and has witnessed, first hand, the challenges immigrants deal with. In addition, Monica is the daughter of a real life "Rosie the Riveter." Monica's mom worked at the shipyard and with the huge steel ships that docked in Alameda, California. To boot, Jeremy's mom protested in the 60's, so there is no shortage of love for the resistance in our home. Plus, having a daughter is also motivation enough to keep the fight going.

With that said, our newest limited edition shirt was born out of the incredible fight Senator Elizabeth Warren showed a few weeks back. "Nevertheless, she persisted," is a shirt we are extremely proud of and

hope you'll love it as well. They'll be officially launched later this week but you are able to order them now through our website!

Keep fighting the good fight and we promise to keep providing wearable art to show off where you stand!

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