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Making use of the cold days

Monica makes it no secret that the cold is not her hommie! She has battled tough since moving to Chicago more than seven years ago. Despite the mild winters of late, she is constantly seeking more covers and clothing to warm her tiny frame. But this is also an excellent time for her to reload our inventory of artwork. We've got some amazing new pieces in the works. Bright colors and tons of texture are getting spread out all over canvases and reclaimed windows.

This is Jeremy speaking, I love her work on windows. Not only do they look amazing and unique, they help free up our landfills. Every time we recycle something into a piece of art I feel a little better about us.

The real excitement about Monica hitting the creative train is the fact that we could have a new shirt design at any moment. That is how all our designs begin. Her brain, her hands plus paint and we've got ourselves a potential shirt! In fact, she just rocked out an Abe Lincoln that is screaming for a shirt! Plus, I just know a recent trip to the Field Museum is going to percolate into something awesome!

How are you spending your chilly days?

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