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Rocking Retro!

Can’t be more impressed with Miss Monica Zanetti. We enjoyed two solid days at Retro on Roscoe. It was our second Retro selling her wares and holy heck did we learn a lot last year. This year we added many new wrinkles. Last year we filled the booth with her artwork top to bottom. Lugged our packed Chevy Tahoe down to Roscoe early on Saturday and limped home on Sunday. This year, we knew what to expect and found that her shirts were the perfect match for this event. We even ran out of sizes of some styles!

You know why we did so well? Monica! While I carried the heavy stuff and added some color cementation during the days. Well on Saturday I was in Dad mode for most of the day. Chasing after the kids and spending a small fortune on keeping them entertained in the confines of the street festival. We won small junky stuffed prizes and even a gold fish. A fish that didn’t last the night…poor little fella! And of course we (they) enjoyed hours of rides on the “yo-yo,” ship ride, and bungee trampolines. While I socialized and enjoyed a few oat sodas!

We’ve got a couple more in the next few weeks so watch out! We’re mastering our game! Come see us – and look at our Events info on the webpage!

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