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For the love of Chingonas

The word Chingona is something I’ve heard for most of my life. I have been surrounded by them constantly in fact. My mother, my many Tias, and friends have fit this bill for me. No Betty Homemakers in the bunch. I’m talking strong moms, activist, feminist, and business owners with Moxie! They stretch simple ingredients into full meals. They keep families fed, clothed, and on budget. Chingonas find a way. They find a way every time.

Failure is not an option for these strong ladies.

I’m always shocked when people think it’s some kind of bad word. Google it! You’ll find tons of people asking if it’s a bad word or even an insult. It reminds me when people thought the word Feminist was bad! Um…not even close people!

A Chingona is a crafty, skilled, fearless badass.

Famous Chingonas? Salma Heyek, Frida Kahlo, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Walters, Gloria Steinem, Dolores Huerta, Betty Friedan, Oprah, Maya Angelou, Bell Hooks, Madonna, Malala Yousafzai, of course. Happy to say there are far too many to name but you know the type!

There are courses taught in universities on the subject; Sandra Cisneros has lectured on how to be a #Chingona. Alvarado Frazier wrote a great blog post on Cisneros' “steps to become a Chingona.”

Currently Pauline Campos, a writer for Latina Magazine, wrote a piece about how she is raising her girl to be a Chingona. To my happiness it’s getting some good press and attention.

When life got hard, my aunts would tell me "Ponte Chingona!" that word alone would make me ready for my ups and downs. It is why I’ve blazed it across my “Rosie” shirt. It’s a name, and a word that I love, and hope you begin to love it too. Please share your favorite Chingona story in the comments you just might get a free gift from me!

So I'm calling all Moms, Activist and Leaders to Scroll throught the Fashion Collection and get your Chingona Shirt!

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