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And the Winner is?

To help celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year I hosted a Facebook contest called, “Who’s a Chingona in your life?” I received an outpouring of nominations, which made my heart sing! A taste of some of my favorites are:

-Eva Arlene – Nominated her mother for battling breast cancer and making dresses for underprivileged kids around the world.

- Cynthia Cody- Nominated Rosa Canales, a singer, songwriter. Rosa is an Activist that has stood up for many people that normally wouldn’t have a voice.

-Luis Gonzales- Nominated his mom Brenda Maria Guerrero, a single mom that raised 2 good hearted, smart and ambitious boys.

-Robbie Wilson- Nominated her wife Sharalyn Lawrence, who rose above hard circumstances and earned 2 degrees on her own. Sharalyn is committed to her family and working to empower children.

-Valeria Zanetti- Nominated her mom, Maru Zanetti, “the most amazing "Chingona" in a very feminine subtle way. Don't let that deceive you; she has shown me she has the strength of a warrior, she has taken her heart out for us, she gives all she has everyday. She is the caregiver of my wonderful brother, she nurtures anyone around her, she knows how to L O V E she is the B E S T C H I N G O N A in my life.”

-Deidre Freeman- Nominated her friend Jeannie Scott Hesse. "Jeannie is organized, resourceful, mad brainstormer, crafty, painter, organizer, a love, a sister, and a friend. She will be helping me on my mission to help my friend Lorena, who has ALS. I am so grateful."

-Gina Clymer Ledesma-‪ Nominated her aunt Andrea Martinelli. "She may be small but she is mighty. In the past 5 years she lost her mother, father, and husband. She was devoted to each one and at their bedside day and night until they passed. She kept strong for her family."

All inspiring stories and great women who deserve great praise! Thank you so much for sharing your stories with me, I loved them all! However, there can be only one winner. Eva Arlene your Mom touched my heart the most and is the first round’s winner! Can't wait to meet you!

I loved this so much I think I’m going to keep this contest going. What do you think? Should we have a Monthly Chingona Corner? Write about them, reflect about those with us and those that have passed on?

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