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Pow, Bang, Boom...a little something for you this 4th of July Weekend!

There is something about this time of year. The random pops of fireworks. Hot weather, cold drinks, and the glorious laughter of our children. I just love having the kids relaxed, tired from playing all day with friends, and giggling with joy that they can stay up “late.”

As we celebrate our great Nation’s Independence, I want to celebrate with you. I took the leap this year and started my wearable art business. To add to this time we have enjoyed so many milestones in such a short time! Marriage Equality! Healthcare for all!

And I want to keep the good times rolling...

So there is no better way to celebrate than sharing with you! Through our great Holiday Weekend, while we enjoy our freedoms, I’d like to offer 25% off all styles, sizes, and colors. Enter the code HAPPY25% when checking out and you’ve got a few extra dollars to spend on something that goes boom!

Happy 4th of July Friends!

xoxo, Monica

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