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The Dad Army has a new hero!

I'm in an exclusive club. Membership can be hard to get and sometimes can be a little unexpected. It will steal your sleep, sanity, and most certainly spike your stress levels. But it's also a club I wouldn't quit for the world. As you may have guessed from my title I'm talking about being in the Dad Club. We are a motley crew of cargo shorts clad warriors. Most of us head into some kind of job on the daily, while other Dad's do the child rearing while Mamma Bear pulls down the bacon. We come in all shapes and sizes but for the most part we are funny, trustworthy and DAMN SEXY!

Being a Dad is something I still find mind-blowing. I mean, I consider myself a very large child most of the time, so the fact that two small humans look up to me can be scary. But as I get older I realize that I'm like every other man that has become a father. We work hard and we love hard. We are THE protector of our family. We are the alpha dog. We lead the pack. We do stupid and funny things. We are men and men are well...animals. Our DNA makes us crave a hunt and a challenge. Our brains can be overwhelmed by feelings and conversations brought on by our co-parents. But as an army, we are a bold group that helps make things happen.

So as I beat my dad chest, I'd like to highlight a man that has furthered the dad legend. I'm speaking of course about Keith Hartley, the man that barehanded a foul ball while holding a baby. Not only did he freaking nail the catch, he profiled it after making the catch, and even popped off a joke while on TV. After the game Hartley caught up with Comcast's SportsNet Kelly Crull and joked that he hoped Gonzalez wasn't made because, "he's on my fantasy team."

Pushing Hartley even higher in the Dad Hall of Fame was when Cub's skipper Joe Maddon said, “You worry about the baby, of course, but he looked like he had it under control. Looked like he did it before almost. Great play.” A fan, and Dad getting praise from a major league manager. This is a bucket list, once in a lifetime situation. Darn it I'm jealous! Of course, we can say he's a legend because he succeeded. If dude dropped the ball and/or the baby we'd be banishing him from Dadhood FOREVER.

So as I said up top. Dads are different, but that's a good thing! Especially when things happen JUST RIGHT!

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