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It's all fun and games...

"Do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life" - Harvey MacKay

This quote is something I've snickered at for years because I never really thought it was possible. But in the last year, both Monica and I have started new ventures in our professional lives. Both paths have brought us to working from home. So many perks! I get to walk the kids to school. Monica gets to pick them up and when those last minute things pop up we're able to meet the demands. Not to mention I don't spend ten plus dollars a day on going out to eat lunch! But aside from those perks the fun really is just beginning for us. Monica has talked for years about wanting to start a small family business. Well 2015 was the year for this dream to become a reality. Of course our adventure kicked off in a hurry because of our "My Hawks" shirt. They literally flew off our proverbial shelves. The Blackhawks’ epic run to the Stanley Cup was the perfect secret sauce to get "Zanetti Designs" off to a big start. With four total designs Monica is ready to begin the wearable art movement.

Oh I suppose I should mention that, “Wearable Art” is name we've coined for these beauties. You can't really call them T-shirts or Tank Tops because it doesn't do them justice. Along with the help of our masterful screen-printing friends, Monica's artwork jumps off the clothing! You see the printing is one color at a time, which really does mean these suckers are pure artwork!

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